The ZIPLEVEL® SmartLink with new Low Energy BlueTooth adapter and revolutionary ZIPLOT (Patent Pending) is a powerful tool that lets you mate ZIPLEVEL with an Android smartphone or tablet to work in ways never before imagined. Now you can quickly and easily map your job and plan your work with less risk of error. You'll also create plans and proposals with impressive illustrations.

With the click of a button, you can transfer unlimited volumes of stored or real-time elevation measurements directly from ZIPLEVEL® to a smart device. Imagine creating instant tables, profiles, sections, 3D or topo maps directly from your measurements. You can even log data to a file or instantly share job site data.


ZIPLEVEL SmartLink applications include:

- Construction Site Planning
- Landscape Design
- Septic Construction
- Boundary Line Location
- Road Building
- Structure Floor Mapping
- Monitor Levels
- Archaeology
- Farming
- Forestry
- Geophysics
- Mining
- Real Estate

With SmartLink, you can dump as many as 137 measurements at a time from ZIPLEVEL's memory to a smart device. Alternatively, you can transfer any number of measurements to a smart device in real time and watch tables and graphs evolve before your eyes.

SmartLink displays data in both tables and profile graphs from recorded positions along sequences. You can save or share one or more files into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. There you can combine files or manipulate data to create instant graphs of profiles, sections, or 3D and topo maps.

SmartLink lets you use ZIPLEVEL's Monitor Function to log real-time elevation and temperature at any selectable time interval from 0.33 seconds to days. Monitor can be used to measure water tank levels by floating the Base Unit on Styrofoam   in the tank, the rate of slippage of a home, real-time bridge or floor deflection, etc. 

ZIPLEVEL SmartLink package includes:


 BlueTooth Module
 - Links ZIPLEVEL to Android devices
 - CR2032 bat. use life up to 300 hrs.
 - Inactive auto-off: 10 min. or 10hr.
 - Range up to 100'

 Smart Device Bracket 
 - Secures smart device to Unipod
 - Self adhesive velcro

 SmartLink App
 - Download from website 
 - Downloadable software for customers who purchase a ZIPLEVEL SmartLink.   

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