ZIPLEVEL® is a high precision pressurized hydrostatic altimeter. It works much like an aircraft altimeter that measures the weight of the air above it except that ZIPLEVEL does not use the atmosphere to measure elevation. Instead, ZIPLEVEL is a pressurized system that measures the weight of a proprietary liquid sealed within its Cord relative to a Reference Cell in the hub of its reel. This makes ZIPLEVEL 10,000 times as precise as an aircraft altimeter and immune from both barometric pressure and altitude changes. It's internal pressure prevents bubbles from desorbing from its liquid when under vacuum when the Module is above the Base Unit and is one of our powerful patented features.

ZIPLEVEL will measure over a 200' (60m) circle and 40' (12m) vertically on one setup with 0.050 internal precision. Its revolutionary High Precision functions will measure over 4' (121.9cm) vertically with paper thin 0.005 (0.1mm) internal precision. ZIPLEVEL has 16 powerful built-in functions and a PC Serial port. The job site rugged ZIPLEVEL will operate from -22F (-30C) to 158F ( 70C) for up to a year of daily use on a single 9V battery.


The ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 consists of a Base Unit that stores its hand held Measurement Module, 100' (60m) of interconnecting Cord, User Guide and all accessories. Accessories include, a rubber protective Boot for the Measurement Module, a Unipod for measuring without bending and a pair of stakes to secure the Base Unit on a hillside. The fully extended Unipod doubles as a 4' (121.9cm) vertical calibration standard for the system.

The ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000B is essentially a PRO-2000 with a shorter Cord and no accessories. The less expensive PRO-2000B comes without a protective rubber Boot, Unipod or Stakes and has 75' (23m) of Cord that covers a 150' (46m) circle. Each of the ZIPLEVEL accessories can be purchased individually and we recommend buying the protective rubber boot particularly for outdoor work.


Boot – A rubber protective boot for the Measurement Module.
Unipod – For measurements without bending. It's also as a vertical calibration reference.
Unipod Adapter – For Unipod ceiling readings or high precision floor surveys.
Carpet Tip Kit – Allows floor survey carpet penetration without damage to adjacent hard floors.
Stakes - Secures the Base Unit on hillsides or as needed.
SmartLink – Links ZIPLEVEL to an Android device for creation and sharing of tables, profiles, sections and topographical maps.
Standard Duty Shipping Case – Custom cut padding and inexpensive.
Heavy Duty Shipping Case – Custom padded Pelican Brand with custom cut padding.


Metric – A no cost factory setting for display of readings in mm, cm and meters only.
Flashing LED – Shows reading stability from backside for Hold of readings taken with display up.