ZIPLEVEL EZDepthTM for Excavators

Now you can enjoy the cost and labor savings, work quality and safety benefits of instant, Easy Depth readings from the cab without a laser and rod man.

The revolutionary ZIPLEVEL EZDepth is an inexpensive alternative to costly cab based digital depth instruments. EZDepth is built from the core of the quarter century proven ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000…the world’s only pressurized, bubble free High Precision Altimeter. Unlike conventional technologies, EZDepth installs in minutes to directly display depths over unlimited ranges without line-of-sight, satellite horizons or complex arrays of inclinometer sensors. Its optional ZIPLEVEL SmartLink sends data to smart devices on your panel or up to 100’ away for real time profiles and tables or elevations plotted on site photos (Pat. Pend. ZIPLOT) for instant sharing of documentation before, during and at the end of your project.


  • Installs in minutes on all sizes excavators, backhoes and skid steers.
  • Precise to 1/20” (1 mm).
  • /-20’ (6m) max display to sensor elevation.
  • Set display Zero at any elevation in range.
  • Unlimited ranges with the Carry Function.
  • Selectable scales of inches, feet or meters.
  • Pre-settable MSL or any elevation.
  • Stores up to 137 readings internally.
  • No line-of-sight and no factory calibration.
  • Up to four or more years between factory gas recharges. 
  • Price: $975 complete with installation hardware.
  • Optional accessories: Bluetooth coupled ZIPLEVEL SMARTLINK: $269 and Calibration Unipod: $85    

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