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"The ZIPLEVEL is the first thing I grab on most jobs. It makes my life so much easier. If you do not own a ZIPLEVEL, you should. This thing is super handy especially when working alone."

Josh Chassie, Lake to Lake Decks, Ontario, Canada

"It took just 15 minutes to install the ZIPLEVEL EZDepth on my CAT 304e increasing my productivity by 250%. No more delays waiting for a helper to use a grade laser to paint depth spots as I now read depths to 0.1" and can complete a pool bottom to within 0.5". Gunite guys are impressed with my finish excavations. I highly recommend EZDepth for excavation contractors and definitely give it 5 stars."

Dan Thomassen, Thomassen Construction, Inc, California, USA

"ZIPLEVEL is a game changer in the landscape industry."

Pearce Butcher, Pearce B Designs, South Carolina, USA

"We would not go to a job site or sales meeting without our ZIPLEVEL! Service and repairs have been easy and flawless. Great company to grow with!"

Derek Taussig, Taussig Landscape LLC, Kansas, USA

""Great products and service! Always on point!""

Richard Blanche, LRE Foundation Repair LLC, Florida, USA

"The ZIPLEVEL is by far the best thing I have ever purchased. Quick and easy to use, can go around corners unlike a laser. I have managed to get the patio level on the front and back of the same property. I probably use it across 80% of my work now, not just paving. LOVE IT!"

Ollie Maslin , MaslinJones Ltd, Milton Keynes, England

"ZIPLEVEL is highly accurate and a real time saver."

David Kopp, FMI Equipment, Washington, USA

"As an architect, I bought my ZIPLEVEL at the BATIMAT show in Paris in 1997 because I thought it was fantastic. Unlike complex topography equipment, my ZIPLEVEL still works well after 26 years and I’ve never found anything like it. Thanks for your great service!"

Luiz Afonso Monzillo, Monzillo Architecture, Brazil

"As an installer of ground screws, precision and efficiency are important in my work. That’s why I rely on the ZIPLEVEL for every project that requires ground screws to be installed at the same height. Rather than messing around with setting up and calibrating a laser level, the ZIPLEVEL offers unparalleled simplicity and accuracy in seconds- saving me time and guaranteeing consistent results. It’s been a game-changer and an indispensable tool for my business."

Nathan Williams, Montana Ground Screw, Montana, USA

"After several years of ignoring my ZIPLEVEL, staff finally experienced its efficiency, stopped using our laser and I had to buy a second ZIPLEVEL for myself."

Ron Levinson, Basic Landscapes, Illinois, USA

"The ZIPLEVEL EZDepth works great. I did not need an extra body to do the job and my productivity increased by 15-25%."

Michael Morin, MCM Plumbing, California, USA

"ZIPLEVEL is an absolute must for any landscape designer, estimator or builder. It instantly provides accurate elevation measurements saving us tens of thousands of dollars by taking the guess work out of the estimating process while justifying our recommendations for potential clients. "

Kevin Moore, Carroll Landscaping, Inc., Maryland, USA

"We have one ZIPLEVEL, we love it so much we need another one."

Kevin Howard, Rex Howard Landscaping & Excavating, Tennessee, USA

"We've been using ZIPLEVEL for more than 18 years and it is by far the most important, unbelievable and easy to use tool we've ever used in foundation repair. We no longer use lasers due to their many limitations. Our customers and associates are amazed. Thank ya'll so much for ZIPLEVEL. You're the best!"

Paul Stephens, Power Jack Foundations Repair, Texas, USA

"I purchased a ZIPLEVEL at International Pool and Spa show 2018 in Las Vegas. The unit was shipped quickly and now that I've had a chance to use it on a new pool build I have to say that your product is outstanding. I will never go back to my old laser levels again. Not only did it save me time on my project but it produced a better end result. I am extremely pleased with your product and will recommend it to other trades I deal with."

Owen Wlodarczak, Reflection Pools, British Columbia, Canada

"We were given one ZIPLEVEL by one of the contractors we work with. Now the crews fight over who gets to use it."

Todd Lagerman, PrairieStone, Inc., Kansas, USA

"I love my ZIPLEVEL for estimating! One of my favorite tools!"

George Summers, Summers Landscaping, Pennsylvania, USA

"I love my ZIPLEVEL, it still looks new after 13 years."

Joey T. Lee, Property Consultant, California, USA

"We have been renting out ZIPLEVEL units to our customers for the last 10 years with no problems. Thank you for the fine product."

Ron Russell, Kerrisdale Equipment Ltd., British Columbia, Canada

"Hands down one of the best tools ever made and that I've ever bought. It's virtually idiot proof. My wife who has rarely used a hammer or shovel was able to understand ZIPLEVEL on her own and assist me with grading. Thanks for a great tool...brilliant! "

Jon Oswell II, Oswell Design Build, California, USA

"After teaching optical and laser levels for years, we began teaching use of ZIPLEVEL on the strong endorsement of a colleague and have not regretted it for a second! My colleagues were impressed with ZIPLEVEL's ease of use, freedom from math errors and by the response of his crew who borrowed it and declined to return it. Our students have responded similarly and ZIPLEVEL has become their go-to instrument for most construction elevation requirements."

Gord Bone, Greenspace Horticulture, Manitoba, Canada

"We have been using the ZIPLEVEL for 20 years. Great tool for checking levelness of foundation slabs. It is a quick and easy tool to use, much faster and simpler than any other device."

Skys Sykes, Skys Property Inspection Consultants, California, USA

"We are an engineering and architectural firm that specializes in new and restoration construction, as well as forensic evaluations. We have just ordered our second ZIPLEVEL and find it to be an indispensable piece of equipment. It allows us to perform floor elevation surveys in a fraction of the time, especially with multi-story structures."

Gil Ramos, P.E., Ramos Engineering & Associates, LLC, Florida, USA

"I purchased my first level in 1995 and I'm still amazed every time I use it. Setting the grade stakes in the footers [alone is] worth the price of the tool and we use it for many [more] applications. Wonderful tool."

Tom Vorys, Cornerstone Construction, North Carolina, USA

"Before the ZIPLEVEL or its predecessor (Compulevel) came out, we had to make our own levels out of clear plastic tube. I got tired of customers' cats knocking over the hose stands and letting the water run out. When ZIPLEVEL first came out we all purchased one immediately and have never regretted that."

Taylor Sealy, P.E., Sealy Engineering, Texas, USA

"We love your product."

Todd Harkin, Disaster Recovery Systems, Colorado, USA

"Great invention! I love it and I always tell the Landscape Architects I know to get one . . . including my wife who just bought one for herself."

Jonathan Paetzel, Owen Brothers Landscape Design, New York, USA

"I have had my ZIPLEVEL for more years than I can remember and it has been, and continues to be, one of my best tool purchases."

Bill Williamson, Williamson Landscape Architecture, LLC, Washington, USA

"I have owned several COMPULEVELS for more than a decade and would like to thank Technidea for their professional support and customer care over the years. "

William A. Rinne, P.E., Accurate Engineering, LLC, Texas, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful product that I have heralded for years."

Dean Daugherty, Ballwin, Missouri, USA

"We have several laser transit systems for sale as a result of your technology that we we are looking to sell cheap."

John Anderson, Quad City Testing Lab, Inc., Iowa, USA

"We swear by this tool and our crews love it because it doesn't require the time or skill inherent in conventional level measurements. "

John Shuster, Geofreeze Construction Corporation, Washington D.C., USA

"We have been using ZIPLEVEL for years and absolutely love it! Our landscape design business could not accurately determine stairs, decks and steps without it."

Lori Dickinson and Kevin Pittman, Dakota Designs, LLP, Washington, USA

"These levels are wonderful and I would be hard pressed to do a thorough job without them."

Dean Johnson, Eagle Foundation Repair, Texas, USA

"Your product is awesome, we love it. We use it for everything: manholes, pipes, grades, storm drains, catch basins, etc. It dazzles our associates."

Jonathan Edgerton, D&A General Contractors, Washington, USA

"We purchased three ZIPLEVELS two years ago and we are now in need for more. Thank you again for creating such a user friendly level."

Patrick K. Warden, Bachman's Landscaping, Minnesota, USA

"Two years ago I bought a ZIPLEVEL to use raising sunken floors and am very pleased with it. Others who see it are also impressed. I just bought five more units. The ZIPLEVEL is far superior to the laser as I don't have to move it when working around walls."

C.F. Esbensen, Uretek, Oslo, Norway

"I use ZIPLEVEL because I can shoot grades alone without line-of-sight, tripods or rods. My only mistake was using ZIPLEVEL on a job with my crew - the crew liked it so much that they took it away from me and I had to buy myself another ZIPLEVEL."

Jay Mills, Homes Extraordinaire, New Mexico, USA

"ZIPLEVEL is a very wonderful unit. After seeing my use of the ZIPLEVEL, others have purchased from you as well. I am sure they are pleased too."

Tom Anderberg, Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc., California, USA

"The best tool I've ever used. With no setup or line-of-sight needed, it's faster and easier than a laser!"

Rob Kramer, KC PRO Inc., Foundation Repair Specialists, Missouri, USA

"We have been using ZIPLEVEL to measure shell bed volumes in our historical study of pre-hispanic and contemporary exploitation of queen conch. ZIPLEVEL has made it much easier to do our research. Thanks a lot for building such valuable equipment."

Juan M. Posada, Ph.D., Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela, S.A.

"We use ZIPLEVEL to document exterior elevations and measurements from floor to floor when a direct path is not available."

Alison Guneryik, RWA Architects, Inc., Ohio, USA

"I have used this equipment before and liked it. It's very practical. But this time I want to have my own. Thanks."

Alfredo Cervantes, Ph.D., P.E., Alpha-C Engineering LLC, Texas, USA

"I've owned my ZIPLEVEL for five years since buying it here in UK. Recently, I was working on a project next to a couple of surveyors mapping an undulating landscape garden using a theodolite. They expected I would take all day but were shocked when I finished in two hours. Self calibrating and easy to use, I rank it up with my Leica 810d. Cheers and keep up the good work."

Tom Bassett, Technical Surveys, London, England

"Our landscape is very hilly, so I use it to measure building sites before planning new houses. I check levels during the project progression and I use it before and during building refurbishment. Handling is very easy, so it is a really good instrument for me as an architect. Thanks for this great instrument. Best regards from Germany."

Sebastian Meyer, Dipl.Ing., Meyer Architektur - Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany

"Thanks for the exemplary service you and your service department manager provided. I hope my staff is half as helpful to my clients as you have been."

Edward Robinson, P.E., Professional Engineering Inspections, Inc., Texas, USA

"In my line of work I consider my ZIPLEVEL an indispensable part of my business operation related to building foundation stabilization."

Charles Pratt, Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma, Inc., Oklahoma, USA

"I evaluate structures and foundation systems and draw repair plans for homeowners, contractors, etc. The ZIPLEVEL is invaluable for this work. It is superior to any other method on analysis. I own four! Congratulations for selling a great product."

Jimmy C. Halfacre, P.E., Halfacre Engineering, Mississippi, USA

"With a crew of sixty, ZIPLEVEL is the most important tool in our trucks. . . ."

Craig Oglesby, Diamond Excavating, Inc., Colorado, USA

"ZIPLEVEL is awesome. I borrowed one from our structural engineers to help with building my barn. I'm an electrical engineer so I hadn't used the ZIPLEVEL previously, but I was impressed with how easy it was to use and its incredible accuracy."

Niall Smith, MWH, Christchurch, New Zealand

"I couldn't be happier with my 4-year old ZIPLEVEL!"

Jason Weinstein, Budget Dry Waterproofing, Connecticut, USA

"I love it! It's a brilliant piece of technology and it makes my life as a landscaper so much easier. "

Les Braden, Personal Touch Landscaping, British Columbia, Canada

"I've used the ZIPLEVEL and its predecessor, Compulevel with previous employers. I recently purchased a ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 for my own company and love its simplicity and ease of use. I want to thank Technidea for promptly resolving a defect that appeared in my new unit and their excellent customer service that is so rare this days."

Randall A. Howard, P.E., Howard Engineering & Associates, Inc. Florida, USA

"Here in Reno we have expansive and heaving soils. ZIPLEVEL is the perfect for measuring the exact vertical displacement of floor levels and is also excellent for use with Archicad CAD work. I started surveying with a transit that had 4 screws...wish the Ziplevel had been available then!"

Richard LaPrairie, P.E., LMI Engineering L.L.C., Nevada, USA

"I've been using ZIPLEVEL for floor elevation surveys on 1000+ homes and I love it."

Nathan Toothman, Bear Engineering, California, USA

"We have used the ZIPLEVEL for years and can't get by without it."

Charlie Jenkins, Charles J. Jenkins and Associates, Inc., Texas, USA

"This will be our second Ziplevel. We love the first one and it gets used so often, we needed a second!"

Erik Castle, Accents of Nature, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you for the always awesome service. We've worked with you since 2006, and have always appreciated your help."

Beth Campbell, CG Engineering, Washington, USA

"This is one of the best tools I have ever bought for my company."

Jay Moore, Moore Landscaping, Nebraska, USA

"I am a huge fan of your ZIPLEVEL product. I have been using it for some time now and keep finding new uses."

Ennio Aguilera, Honeycomb Inspections Ontario, Canada

"Been using ZIPLEVELs for over 8 years in concrete slab leveling saving 100's of hours annually. Love em 10/10 and recommend them to everyone."

Chris Lenchyshyn, PWSF INC., Manitoba, Canada

"We had our ZIPLEVEL for several years and love it."

Meg Steen, FineLine Design, Missouri, USA

"I am grateful to have recently heard of the recharging of the anti-bubble pressurized gas of the ZIPLEVEL. I have two ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000s and love them (...and often wonder how we survived without them). We are picking up a third this year."

David Doyle, LIC, CCPI, Summit Hardscaping, Colorado, USA

"I love the ZIPLEVEL. I just started my business and I had to get one for myself."

Sergio Vasquez, S V Landscaping LLC, Nebraska, USA

"We currently have four Ziplevel Pro-2000s in our tool inventory and are likely to purchase a 5th unit before this summer. They are a massive time saver in our Sales Reps daily schedule for gathering data."

Peter Louvat, Madole Construction Company, Nevada, USA

"ZIPLEVEL is an edgy tool that transforms our paver game. It helps us on every project. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and say hello to lines with attitude."

Danny House, Oregon Landscape Company, Oregon, USA

"My enclosed construction trailer was stolen and when the insurance settlement arrived, ZIPLEVEL was the first tool I replaced."

Steve Basilico, Outdoor Oasis Landscape, Nebraska, USA

"How did I ever live without this Zip Level Pro 2000? It has saved my arse many a time. Nothing like traipsing through the woods down a hill and getting elevations spot on! Thanks"


"I am in the horizontal directional drilling business for installing utility lines. We have found the zip level to be an invaluable tool for our work. It has completely replaced the need for a grade laser. The ziplevel allows us to calculate grade differences between the inside and outside of a structure, including basements and multi-floor buildings. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in our industry, or any other industry using grade lasers."

Chace Beddingfiled, Freedom Utility, Michigan, USA

"The ZipLevel is a must-have tool in your Hardscape toolbox! So easy to teach to the crews & to use!"

Dave White, Nurney Landscape & Design, Pennsylvania, USA

"We purchased the ZipLevel and thought we would just use it to check grades. It turns out, it is also a great way to check framing and a hoist of other items. It is used much more than we thought we would use it. The design of the system is very easy to use, the only downside I see is it is difficult to get the door to the instructions opened but at least it stays closed."

Marshall Costner, Costner Building Group, North Carolina, USA

"We like the ZIPLEVEL, it makes everything so much easier. We have given other installers and reps the heads up about your product."

Chris Spillane, ABS Floor Covering, Arizona, USA

"We love our ZIPLEVEL and use it often."

Shane Warren, The Warren Group Ontario, Canada

"We love our ZIPLEVEL for taking elevation data. Don’t have to mess around with a grade stick, and there is a digital display that reads out the elevation data on the controller. It is just plain fast and you can use it working alone."

Joshua Prescher, Arise Outdoor Services LLC, Minnesota, USA

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