January 2008

Press Release

Escondido, CA

ZIPLEVEL® contains the most significant electronic design improvement in its 11 year history.

Now, measurements are about 2X as fast, readings are more stable and less sensitive to Cord movement, and vertical measurements are almost 3X more accurate: typically within 0.1% /-1 count. Also, temperature acclimation time when leveling is virtually eliminated and the sensor has higher overpressure tolerance.

Owners of the classic Technidea ZIPLEVEL® can upgrade the performance of their instrument with modifications to a good electronic assembly for as little as $95, plus recharge. Owners of the early Stanley COMPULEVEL can upgrade their instrument for $195, plus recharge. We continue to offer a $100 instrument trade-in credit — working or not. For product and service details visit ziplevel.com or call 800.805.LEVEL (5383).