December 3, 2010

Escondido, CA USA


Due to popular demand, Technidea Corporation is now offering a low cost ZIPLEVEL® Precision Altimeter as a “basic” model PRO-2000B priced $200 less than the standard model. The PRO-2000B is identical to the standard ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 except that it comes without accessories and has a smaller 150’ (45m) circle of horizontal range. PRO-2000B customers may purchase the Unipod, Stakes and rubber protective Boot individually as optional accessories.

ZIPLEVEL® replaces rotary lasers in numerous applications. No other instrument allows one person working alone to instantly set up and level or read elevations, either indoors or out, without math, line-of-sight, distance error or factory calibration. ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 measures over a 200’ (60m) circle and 40’ (12m) vertically with 0.050” (1mm) precision. Its powerful Carry Function measures over any distance or elevation on Earth without tedious tabulation or math. During its 15-year history, ZIPLEVEL has become the de facto standard in many applications and is used in all phases of construction worldwide.

Earlier this year, Technidea introduced a new dual range $899 ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000DR that can also measure the thickness of a business card, the height of a mountain or anything in between. Its high precision range measures with 0.005” (0.1mm) precision over a 200’ (60m) circle and 4’ (1.2m) vertically. The PRO-2000DR is capable of measurements in ways never before possible. Now, contractors can use the sub-millimeter performance of ZIPLEVEL over unlimited ranges to precisely level, set pool negative edge or read floor or foundation deviations. Engineers can easily measure real-time beam, floor or bridge deflection, plants can precisely level equipment and shops can build projects of any size without line-of-sight or distance error. The possibilities are endless.

Technidea Corporation CTO and CEO, Dennis Vories, PE, was asked to comment on this latest offering: “ZIPLEVEL has enjoyed a steady growth in loyal customers over 15 years. During that time, we’ve managed to hold the price steady despite steadily rising costs in materials and labor. Our customers have spoken and we have responded. The new ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000B offers the same degree of precision they’ve come to expect from the high quality ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 but at a significantly lower price.”

Prices on other ZIPLEVEL® products remain affordable and the company still offers free UPS Ground return shipping on service within the USA and Canada. For more information on all products and services, please visit the company’s website at . Direct email inquiries for distributorship opportunities or volume discounts to Curtis Brownlow, Director of Sales and Marketing, at, call 800.805.LEVEL (5383) or 760.480.4740 or fax 760.480.4738.