May 1, 2012


Escondido, CA USA

Free new ZIPLEVEL® User Guide and Service Record Label

Loss of the User Guide and the record of the last recharge service date have been common problems among many ZIPLEVEL owners. In its continued pursuit of excellence, Technidea Corporation has just solved both problems.

The company has just completed its first revision of the ZIPLEVEL User Guide. It is now designed to store within the ZIPLEVEL Base Unit behind its upper door in a moisture tight bag. This will make User Guide loss much less likely. Revisions include a cleaner appearance, clearer instructions and illustrations, powerful applications and replacement of the Adder Function with the new High Precision Function available since January of 2012.

A new Service Record label is now attached on the sloping panel above the Measurement Module docking area of the Base Unit. The month, day and year of the last Cord charge will make it easier to monitor the two to three year recharge interval before CORD flashes on the display. This is particularly helpful for companies owning multiple ZIPLEVEL units. The label includes an illustration showing how to access the User Guide behind the upper storage door.

Starting on May 1 of 2012, the new User Guide and Service Record Label will be included with all new ZIPLEVEL shipped. They will also be included free of charge with all instruments returned for Cord Recharge service. A hardcopy of the new User Guide hardcopy may be purchased anytime online at or downloaded free of charge by clicking HERE or browsing to