User Guide

Revised User Guide stores behind the Base Unit upper door to prevent loss. Instructions and illustrations are clearer with new applications and High Precision function available since January 2012.


Popular add-on to the ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000B. Provides additional protection for Measurement Module against damage from fall or impact. Purchase of this item is highly recommended for rugged applications. This item is included with the ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000.


For measurements without bending. Also serves as a vertical calibration reference.

Length: 15” (38.1cm) collapsed to a calibrated 48” (121.9cm) extended.

Unipod Adapter

Attaches to the bottom of the Unipod to allow easy measurements of drop ceilings. Also useful for precise floor measurements within the /-24 inches of the High Precision ZIPLEVEL® range. Normal use with two sections extended allows Unipod to rest upright. Design allows collapsed Unipod to stow normally in Base Unit. Comes complete with corrosion resistant aluminum bracket, thumb screw, lock ring, revised rubber foot and acorn nut.

Carpet Tip Kit

Foundation inspectors, engineers and contractors use the Carpet Tip for low-force penetration of carpet to determine true foundation elevations. The Carpet Tip is easily installed on standard ZIPLEVEL® or Compulevel Unipods. A captive protective sleeve allows transition to non-carpet surfaces for mar-free measurements. Comes complete with three replacement tips and instructions.

Anchoring Stakes

Popular add-on to the ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000B. Allows user to anchor ZIPLEVEL Base Unit to ground in loose soil or hillsides or as needed. Included with ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000. Sold as a pair.

PC Serial Link

The ZIPLEVEL® PC Serial Link is a powerful tool that lets you mate ZIPLEVELwith a PC to work in ways never before imagined. Now you can quickly and easily map your job and plan your work with less risk of error. You'll also create plans and proposals with impressive illustrations.

Standard Duty Shipping Case

Custom padded case for the ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 and PRO-2000B.


              Custom Foam Insert
              Positive-lock latches
              Padlock hasp

              Size: 14.5 H x 19.2W x 7.6H

Heavy Duty Shipping Case

Custom padded SKB case for the ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 and PRO-2000B.


              Custom Foam Insert
              Soft-grip Handle
              Two Padlockable Hasps
              Flush Powerful Hinges
              Lightweight Strong Resin Material
              Watertight Construction
              Case Guaranteed For Life by Manufacturer

              Size: 17 H x 20 W x 9 H


Metric Only

The Metric Only Option is a free, custom software setting that causes ZIPLEVEL to display only the metric scales of mm, cm and meters.

High Output LED

The High Output LED Option adds a bright LED to the back of the Measurement Module that flashes in cadence with the beeping of the ZIPLEVEL and allows users to "see" when the Store Ready tone has sounded. For use in high ambient noise environments where display is not visible while taking overhead measurements with a long pole.