January 5, 2012


Escondido, CA USA

ZIPLEVEL® Breakthrough Expands Markets

Technidea Corporation proudly introduces the most exciting innovation in the 16-year history of its revolutionary ZIPLEVEL Precision Altimeter technology . . . paper-thin precision in all new ZIPLEVEL.

Since it first rocked the measurement world in 1996, Technidea Corporation technology has been a faster and easier alternative to rotary lasers. The rugged ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 lets one person working alone set up instantly to level and read elevations within /-0.050" (~1 mm) over any distance or elevation on earth without math, line-of-sight, distance error or factory calibration.

Two years ago, Technidea introduced an optional high precision Dual Range ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000DR in limited quantities for $999 USD. Now, after a recent breakthrough at Technidea, all new ZIPLEVEL instruments are Dual Range altimeters with 10X the precision of the original ZIPLEVEL at half the cost of the previous Dual Range option. Owners of the new ZIPLEVEL can now switch between the standard precision of 0.05" (~1 mm) over a 40' (13 m) vertical range and the High Precision of 0.005" (~0.1mm) over a 4' (1.3 m) vertical range to measure in ways never before possible. New applications include highly precise floor surveys, negative edge pools, machine shop fixtures, plant layouts, real time floor, roof and bridge deflections and numerous other applications yet to be discovered. Both ranges continue to permit use of the built-in Carry Function for math-free differential leveling over any distance or elevation on earth.

The new ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000 retails for $899 and the new Basic ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000B without accessories and shorter Cord retails for $699. Older ZIPLEVEL manufactured within the last two years can be upgraded to Dual Range for $95 plus factory recharge. Upgrades to older instruments, including the Stanley Compulevel, cost $295.

Technidea's CEO and CTO Dennis Vories, PE is the driving force behind the new Dual Range ZIPLEVEL. When asked about this new release, Vories commented, “We are excited to offer such revolutionary precision to our rapidly growing market. In anticipation of an even broader market we have established new ZIPLEVEL Service Centers to cover both the European and Austral-Asian regions. It is with great pleasure that Technidea Corporation and its Service Center associates are working together to revolutionize measurement throughout the world.”

Umarex of Germany (umarex-laserliner.de) hosts our new Service Center for Europe, while Ultimate Levels Ltd of New Zealand (ultimatelevels.co.nz) hosts our new Service Center for the Austral-Asian region. Both centers service the Stanley Compulevel as well as the ZIPLEVEL.

For more information on all ZIPLEVEL® products and services, please visit ziplevel.com. Direct email inquiries for distributorship opportunities or volume discounts to Curtis Brownlow, Director of Sales and Marketing, at sales@technideacorp.com.